About Me

Sara Brashear is a therapist specializing in the treatment of trauma, loss, and dissociation.

My philosophy of therapy is that human beings have an innate ability to heal.  My earliest memory of healing is rescuing a butterfly from a cat's mouth.  The butterfly was thoroughly wet and it looked as if it was so damaged it must die.  As I held it in the warm sunlight, slowly it unfolded its wings.  As I observed, a miracle seemed to occur and eventually, a beautiful butterfly flew away fully healed.

There are times when experiences overwhelm our normal coping abilities and result in psychological trauma.  This experience can be compartmentalized away, which is helpful in the moment, but leaves them unavailable to healing later on.  In therapy, there previously overwhelming experiences are accessed a little at time, so they are no longer overwhelming.  If a resource was needed at the time of the trauma, the missing resource is provided in therapy.  In this way, gradually, the painful and difficult memories become manageable and eventually fade.

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